Fall Out, Spring In

Some folks may set their clocks by “fall back, spring forward” for Daylight Savings Time. We here at Camp Mennoscah prefer “fall out, spring in.” In fall, we take out the dam, releasing the Ninnescah river and allowing the silt, sand, and dirt behind the dam to wash downstream. The dam will go back sometime in the spring. We thank the many folks helped remove and scrape planks, as well as those who encouraged us as spectators.

Best Tasting Meeting Ever!

The First Annual Camp Mennoscah Association Annual Meeting was an absolutely tasty time!  Galen roasted a pig for us, The Book of JEB serenaded us, Cathcart Architects talked about the Camp Mennoscah Master Plan, and much fun was had by all (or at least by Olivia).  Thank you to everyone who attended and helped with set-up before and clean-up after all the fun!  Give us a holler if you want to hear more about the master plan or what happened at the meeting.