Putting in the Dam!

We are returning the dam to the river on Sunday, April 9th!  Both spectators and helpers are welcome around 2:30pm for an eventful afternoon.  Meet at the sports shack for instructions if you would like to participate. The dam will go in regardless of the weather, so please plan accordingly.  We hope to see you all there!

New Boys’ Cabin

Wow! The new boys’ cabin is coming along quickly as the summer rapidly approaches. We have had many gracious volunteers help us out with this project and we are so grateful. First Mennonite Church of Newton, KS did the clearing of trees, dirt work, and concrete foundation. Grace Hill Mennonite Church of Whitewater, KS has completed the framing, roofing, and is currently working on the trim and insulation. Many volunteers, both from these churches and others, have been out to camp to help build the new structure. We are thankful beyond words for their donations of equipment, time, and skills.

Check out the progress that has been made on the new cabin!

New “Whale” Playground Structure

Have you heard about the new playground structure?
We are in the process of planning to build a new “whale” that is expected to be completed before the beginning of summer youth camps. Aaron Dyck, architect and creator of the new whale sketches, is pictured here. The many hours of work he has put into this project are personally volunteered. We thank you, Aaron, for all of the great work you have done!

Olivia Bartel, camp director, said this of the plans, “In talking with campers, summer staffers, and families, I heard that people wanted the new structure to be similar to the previous one. I heard the slides weren’t fun because they weren’t slick. People liked the idea of having some new components. They liked the idea of having benches on the south side and a separate toddler area.” As it often is with new and exciting projects, we need the support of our community to fund this whale-sized project.

The funds raised at the recent Hymn Sing and Dessert Auction Fundraiser, including sales of desserts and donations, totaled $5,470! A huge thank you to all who attended and gave to this project.

Below are the most recent renderings of the new structure. Check them out!

Do you miss camp?

If so, never fear! We have all sorts of retreats coming up and we would love to have you join us. If you would like to attend any of the retreats below, please use this or any other online registration link to register! If you are unable to register online, contact us at 620-297-3290 for a paper registration form.

Scrapbooking and Crafts Retreats: March 3-5 & March 17-19
Youth Volunteer Weekend: March 10-11
Camp Gathering at Mojo’s Coffee Bar: April 3rd, 5:30-8:30pm
Retirees’ Relaxation Retreat: April 24-26
Men & Boys Retreat: April 28-30

Project Renovate

Wow, there sure is a lot happening at Camp Mennoscah these days! With the renovations to the Kitchen & Dining Hall project underway, the plans for the new playground structure begun, and the work for the new boys’ cabin being done as I type – we are busy here at camp. As is often the case with change, it can be a bit hard to see old buildings go and additions made in their place, but it also means that we are growing and adapting to meet the needs of our community.

Change is exciting!

We have had so many wonderful people involved in our projects here at camp, and we are grateful. If you have been involved with our projects – big or small – thank you. The help we receive from volunteers, local businesses & churches, and donors continues to make Camp Mennoscah a space and place for all.

Check out the pictures below to see what we are working on:

Summer Staff Applications

Above: Camp Mennoscah Summer Staff 2006

We know that many of you have had ants in your pants about applying for 2017 summer staff. The wait is over, we are now accepting Summer Staff Applications! Go to http://campmennoscah.org/application/ to apply online. Contact Camp Mennoscah with any questions or concerns regarding your application. We cannot wait to meet our new summer staff!

All Things New

It’s a new year!

As 2017 begins, the excitement for the upcoming Camp Mennoscah retreats and camps has us shaking in our boots. We cannot wait for all of the new adventures that this year will bring. From scrapbooking and crafts retreats to Senior High summer camp, the anticipation makes our hearts skip a beat. We are so excited to introduce Camp Mennoscah to some for the first time and welcome back those that have been coming for years. We are gleefully looking forward to seeing the smiles on campers faces and to learning new things from our retreat attendees. Mostly, we are striving to experience God in new and old ways.

New earth, heavens new, Spirit of God moving
New birth, creatures new, Spirit of life moving
New men, women new, image of God moving.
Sing a new song, to the One who has said,
“Behold, I make all things new.”

Good Tidings of Great Joy

Winter has arrived!

We’re finally getting cold out here at Camp Mennoscah. Gardell has pulled out his coveralls and Olivia is wearing so many layers she cannot zip them all up (too many scarves, perhaps). Buildings are winterized, the sandbars are slightly frozen, and the trees have said goodbye to their leaves. While everything outside looks like the opposite of summer, on the inside, it is all summer, all the time. You might think camp isn’t doing much these days, but fear not! We are preparing for summer staff applications, online registrations, and creating endless organization so when the busy time of year comes around — we aren’t staying up all night. There are always things to be done, and many exciting things to look forward to as we gear up for next summer.

The holiday season is a great time for us to remember all of the wonderful people and gifts we are blessed with here at Camp Mennoscah. Christmas gives us time to catch up with our summer folks and enjoy the company of others that we have missed during the fall months. Our community gives us good tidings of great joy, just as the angels did for Joseph and Mary. May we remember, this Christmastime, the true reason for the season.

If you wish to give to Camp Mennoscah during this Christmas season, please do so by clicking on this button:

Best Choice


The Best Choice Save-A-Label program is a veteran program to Camp Mennoscah, having been around for several years. As one of many ways folks can donate to camp, the Save-A-Label program works by the simple donation of Best Choice labels (including the UPC portion) to Camp Mennoscah. When you donate labels to us, we then may redeem them, as a non-profit organization, and receive $0.03 for each label at a minimum of 1,000 labels. Basically, $30 for every 1,000 labels!

Recently, many small grocery stores in Kansas have switched to the Best Choice brand as their store brand. These include but are not limited to: Halstead Market, Peabody Market, Dale’s Supermarket in Hillsboro, Carlson’s in Marion, Weaver Grocers in Hesston, Haven Foodliner, Kraus Foods in Colwich, Moundridge Food Market, Hometown Food Store in Buhler, Cornerstone Market in Inman.

Shop locally, and donate your Best Choice labels to us at PO Box 65  Murdock, KS 67111. Thank you!

A special thank you to Jennie Wintermote for bringing the changes in the program to our attention. Thanks, Jennie!