Best Choice


The Best Choice Save-A-Label program is a veteran program to Camp Mennoscah, having been around for several years. As one of many ways folks can donate to camp, the Save-A-Label program works by the simple donation of Best Choice labels (including the UPC portion) to Camp Mennoscah. When you donate labels to us, we then may redeem them, as a non-profit organization, and receive $0.03 for each label at a minimum of 1,000 labels. Basically, $30 for every 1,000 labels!

Recently, many small grocery stores in Kansas have switched to the Best Choice brand as their store brand. These include but are not limited to: Halstead Market, Peabody Market, Dale’s Supermarket in Hillsboro, Carlson’s in Marion, Weaver Grocers in Hesston, Haven Foodliner, Kraus Foods in Colwich, Moundridge Food Market, Hometown Food Store in Buhler, Cornerstone Market in Inman.

Shop locally, and donate your Best Choice labels to us at PO Box 65  Murdock, KS 67111. Thank you!

A special thank you to Jennie Wintermote for bringing the changes in the program to our attention. Thanks, Jennie!