Summer Youth Camp Success!

551 campers.
239 program staff.
10 summer staff.
4 permanent staff.

We call that a success. A huge thank you to our camp community for supporting our ministry by sending campers to camp! We discuss community a lot at camp – probably because ours is an amazing one – and that community truly blossoms during the summer months. Come rain or shine, 110 degrees or 70 degrees, campers and staff are always excited to spend a week at camp. Thank you for your laughter, for your service, for your smiles, and for your endless support of this camping ministry. We will see you next summer!

(or sooner)

Remember, there are still plenty of Camp Mennoscah activities to get involved in! Mental Health Spiritual Retreat is up next, then Women & Girls, Work & Play, and many other volunteer opportunities, too. Check out our retreats page to see what we have planned or plan your own visit here and give us a call (620-297-3290) or email us ( to make a reservation.