Wintertime, Christmastime, Kitchen-time

Our deciduous trees have almost completed defoliating, the temperature is barely making it to 50 degrees, and we have begun to reach our slowest (yet, still surprisingly busy) time of year. Our last event of 2017 is the Summer Youth Camp Volunteer Christmas on the 16th of December at 2:30pm in the Retreat Center (for all of our wonderful volunteers), where we hope you will join us. While everything else camp-related is winding down for the year, the kitchen and dining hall renovations are coming front and center. We are so excited for this project!

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Here’s a short schedule for our plans:

  • December 2-9:  Remove all present equipment and fixtures in kitchen. Remove ceiling and all plumbing pipes and electric as needed.
  • December 11: Have kitchen area ready for plumbing and electrical contractors.

Contact Jim Yoder at 316-284-3890 (call or text),, or to Camp Mennoscah at (620) Please include your name, address, phone, and e-mail address if you would like to volunteer for any portion of our giant project!