PreJunior I – Grades 4 & 5 (Fall 2018)

Camp Dates: June 17-21

Directors: John Regier & Chris Riesen

Cost: $190

For those who will be in grades 4 and 5 (fall of 2018).

Program Directors

John Regier is classically trained in the art of rabble rousing. In his spare time between cracking jokes and firing one line zingers, John works in Nebraska on the family farm teaching steers how to become good T-bones and instructing chickens not to gaggle when they lay eggs.  He attended Bethel College, went to foreign countries such as Africa, Costa Rica, and Arkansas but cannot find his diploma anywhere.  John has been avid camper, counselor, and staff since the age of 9 and can’t help but get ecstatic just thinking about camp.

Chris Riesen is the Chemist at Koch Fertilizer, a fertilizer plant in Beatrice, Nebraska. He has spent nine summers as a camper, four as a counselor, and was on summer staff for one summer as grounds/maintenance. He has also spent many hours volunteering out at camp, doing anything from putting in the dam (once) to changing batteries in smoke detectors (too many times). He is absolutely giddy at the prospect of another exciting week at Camp!

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