Disc Golf Course

In September of 2015, Camp Mennoscah introduced a Disc Golf Course to its grounds. With the help of many disc golf aficionados, the course was designed by Eric Preheim of Newton, KS. Preheim was the creator and president of the Disc Golf Club at Bethel College where he previously designed an 18-hole course. The course at Camp Mennoscah has 9-holes, ranging in distance from 180 to 365 feet. Obstacles include trees, buildings, and our beloved Kansas wind.

Each tee is marked by a ground-level concrete number. The baskets are Discraft ChainStar and are spread throughout camp grounds with regards to buildings, parking areas, and natural obstacles.

tee-markers-2           goals-2-and-4-11-19

To use our disc golf course, we ask that you call ahead to make a reservation. If you are visiting camp through an existing reservation, such as a church retreat, the disc golf course is open to your use. If you are only coming to play, we charge our per person day fee for the use of the course and (if needed) our variety of discs.

A map of the course is located here.