Donate to Camp Mennoscah

Needs at Camp Mennoscah vary from season to season. Our current needs are located in the Wish List, which can be found by following this link:

Donate Online

If you would like to donate to camp, use the button below to contribute online:

Donate to Camp Mennoscah

Donate Directly

Or you can do so by direct mail at the address below:

Camp Mennoscah
PO Box 65
9458 SE 40th St
Murdock, KS 67111

Amazon Smile

Clink on this link andamazonsmile log in to your Amazon account. When you shop at Amazon Smile while supporting Camp Mennoscah Association, camp will receive 0.5% of the price of the items you purchase at no cost to you!

Community Rewards

A recent addition to camp is the community rewards program through Kroger
(Dillons, BakersPlus, Gerbes). To sign up to support us, all you need is (1) a Plus card, (2) a valid email address, and (3) a personalized account at your Kroger supermarket website. Then, when you swipe your Plus card, each dollar spent (excluding gasoline, alcohol, and tobacco purchases) counts as a “vote” for Camp Mennoscah Association.
commrewardsQuarterly, Kroger totals all dollars spent by community rewards members and distributes money to nonprofits proportionately, at absolutely no cost to you. Enrolling is as simple as going to a Kroger website (e.g., signing in or creating an account (you will need your Plus card for this), going to your account summary page, and selecting “Enroll” underneath “Community Rewards”. Camp Mennoscah Association can be found by using our NPO #40104 or by searching for “camp”. Simply select us and to click Enroll at the bottom of the page!

Best Choice Save-A-Label Program

The Best Choice Save-a-Label program allows us to exchange Best Choice
labels/UPC codes for cash. Camp Mennoscah recieves $0.03 for each Best Choice UPC symbol redeemed, with a minimum of 1,000 labels required for redemption! Bring or send your labels (just the bar code or UPC portion) to the direct mail address above.