Kitchen, Dining Hall, and Entrance Renovations

Join us as we enhance the Camp Mennoscah Kitchen, Dining Hall, and Entrance! The Camp Mennoscah dining hall and kitchen have always been a place of gathering. Through these updates, we are seeking to provide space for new meaningful experiences in these areas while also honoring the traditions they have held for many years.


Construction is already underway! Updates include:

Floor Plan


How you can be involved!
● Make a donation by clicking the “Donate” button below to help us reach our funding goal
● Volunteer your time in specific areas during the project
● Share about the project with family and friends!

While the new construction of the kitchen is currently paid for, all other parts of the project are not yet funded. We need your support, in whatever way possible, in order to continue making Camp Mennoscah a place where all are comfortable and welcome! Monetary donations can be made by clicking the “Donate” button below. In addition to monetary donations, volunteering, and sharing about the project, we welcome your thoughts and prayers and thank you for being a part of our Camp Mennoscah community!

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Check out the progress being made on camp grounds!