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Prepare for hot camp days by drinking lots of water for several days before coming to camp and spending time outside to become accustomed to the heat. Don’t forget your water bottle! Water bottles will also be available to purchase at check-in.

Camp Check-In & Check-Out

Typical Camp Schedule

A typical schedule looks something like this:

At camp, we “live by the bell” which can be heard on all of main camp grounds and signals the beginning and end to many activities.

Camp Scholarships

In order for camp to be available to all youth, there are limited scholarship funds available if you are unable to pay the full fee. (Some churches also have camp scholarships available. Please check with your church office.) Please contact the camp at 620-297-3290 or to discuss options. Scholarships will be kept confidential.

Camp Tee-Shirts

RINGER TEES! For our 70th anniversary, we are celebrating with ringer tees in one of the old designs like those snazzy tees some of our long-time camp folks have with the Camp Mennoscah logo. These anniversary tees will cost $15 ($18 for XXL, $20 for XXXL). A limited variety of old-style tees are available for $5 and $11. PLEASE PRE-ORDER when you register!

Dress Code

Camp is a place for comfortable, modest clothes. Clothing for both boys and girls is expected to be non-revealing and non-provocative. Clothing that is not acceptable include tube and halter tops, bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, and short shorts (should be at least mid-thigh). Swimsuits should be one-piece or a tankini that covers mid-section for girls and no racing trunks for boys. Campers, whose clothes are
deemed inappropriate by camp staff, will be asked to either change or wear a colored t-shirt over the
swimsuit as a cover-up.


Camp Mennoscah welcomes visitors and parents on the first and last days of camp.

Camp Mennoscah Renovation Fund

Camp Mennoscah relies on donations for further camp development such as renovations and future improvements or additions around the camp. This could include new sports equipment, pool accessories, building renovations, landscaping or picnic tables. To contribute to this fund, check the appropriate box during online registration or contact Camp Mennoscah for other options. Thank you for your support in the ongoing ministry of the camp!

Camper Mail

We welcome mail of most kinds, just make sure it has enough postage and time to get here. Lanyards and other bulky items require more than a First-Class stamp. Please do not send food or candy to your camper — any food received will be held by staff until the camper completes check-out at the end of the week. All mail that arrives after the final day of camp will be forwarded or returned to the sender. You can send mail to:

“Camper’s Name”
c/o Camp Mennoscah
PO Box 65
Murdock, KS 67111

If you wish to send an email message to your camper, please send an email to with the camper’s name as the subject line. The message will be printed and given to the camper with all other mail.

NOTICE: The information below pertains to Summer 2017, please contact Camp Mennoscah for 2018 information at this time.

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Anabaptist Summer Camp Guide For Campers with Disabilities